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Kitty Pryde Gushes Wavy Flows on ‘Marijuana’

kitty pryde stream marijuana chrome sparks

With her wavy new single “Marijuana,” Kitty (née Pryde) passes her fans an homage to Mary Jane that should help keep the summer sparkly. On her rise from bedroom songstress/rapper to princess of glitter-trap, the Floridian force continues her mastery of the Tumblr-chic aesthetic, piping her femme-ethereal flows over the spacey beat crafted by Chrome Sparks. If you loved wading through the emojis embellishing the track list of her EP impatiens, you’ll welcome the trancey cheek of this B-side follow-up. Plus, Kitty will hit the road with fellow feline band, Kitten, with tour dates detailed here. 

Oh, and if the beat sounds familiar that’s because we previously saw an actual kitty get (not actually) drunk to this chillwave-ish jam in this hilarious fan-made video. For more on Brooklyn producer Chrome Sparks, read Drew Fortune’s SPIN interview with the man.