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Cat Gets Hammered Listening to Chillwave

Drunk Girlfriends Cat Babysit Chrome Sparks Video Marijuana

An industrious dude was asked to babysit his girlfriend’s cat, and made the above video in the process. Shared to Reddit, via Gawker, the clip presents a day in the life of a very alcoholic orange tabby, set to the soothing/trippy sounds of Chrome Sparks’ “Marijuana.” Our feline lush rolls out of bed and heads straight for the martini glass then travels to an increasingly dark place via all manner of boozy additions. The production — a mix of Washed Out-style chillwave and Flying Lotus-owing electronica — is truly the perfect fit to this visual. (Also, in a strange stroke of coincidence, Kitty just announced her new Impatiens EP, which will feature her rapping over the very same song.) Perhaps the YouTube user identified only as Tous (Leicor on Reddit) can provide the official video when the time comes.