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Mariah Carey Is a Topless Angel in ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’ Video

Mariah Carey 'You're Mine Eternal' Video Topless

Mariah Carey has unleashed the video for her new single “You’re Mine (Eternal).” The clip was shot in Puerto Rico, according to MTV, in order to promote rainforest preservation. Therein, our melismatic heroine practices the The Art of Letting Go by appearing topless (obscured by glitter and vines) as she sings about the kind of love that isn’t so easy to dust off. By the end of the ballad, she grows wings and acquires the ability to teleport in and out of a buff man’s bed. “Oh, you made me feel like love would never end,” she coos, “Tell me how can I forget that? My baby we were the best / I’m suffering dreams of you throughout the night / And baby, I can’t seem to get you off my mind.” So yeah, sucks to be Nick Cannon on this one — but then, that “Beautiful” motorcycle ride with Miguel was probably rough too. Carey has been on others’ minds of late as well, popping up in SPIN interviews with Rose McGowan and Zola Jesus. for now, watch the clip at MTV.