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Kanye West’s Kim Kardashian Proposal Was as Bombastic as Expected

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Kimye Proposal Video Keeping Up

Are you ready to experience the event of another person’s lifetime? No? Too bad, because E! is gonna make sure you don’t make it too much further into 2014 without seeing Kanye West propose to Kim Kardashian in a manner so grandiose and lavish as to render all proposal plans you’ve ever dreamt of flaccid and threadbare. (Alternately: human and meaningful.) There will be spooky shadows, and sky-licking flames, and a whole freaking orchestra, and famous siblings crying tears of joy and whispering things like, “This is the best thing that I’ve ever seen in my life … This is like a movie.”

Close — it’s actually television, Khloé, but how would you know? Yes, as precipitated by that time Kimye sued a proposal guest for sharing a YouTube clip of said proposal (dude was the co-founder of YouTube), the entire ridiculous affair will be dressed up and paraded out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians this Sunday. For a preview of what to expect when you’re expecting whatever this is, watch above. Yeezus.