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Mast and Anna Wise Team for Jazz-Beat Bubbler ‘Red’

Mast Anna Wise Red Omni Stream Album

Player/producer Mast originally hails from Philadelphia but has found his true home with the Alpha Pup Records crew in Los Angeles. The man’s approach to electronic music not only incorporates a whole lot of organic sounds — it feels composed with an ear tuned to jagged jazz and dark pop, which makes him kin to folks like Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Daedelus, Ras G, and Nobody. He’s also worked with RYAT, so he’s plenty experienced when it comes to supporting a strong female voice. On new song “Red,” Sonnymoon member and Kendrick Lamar collaborator Anna Wise (“Real”) crows fantastically over a strangely fluid mass of pulsing beat, roiling piano, plucked guitar, and warm bass. It’s a thing of dark beauty, and it’ll be found on Mast’s debut album Omni, out January 28. Check the cover art and track list below the new tune.

Mast, Omni track list:

1. “Hokusai
2. “The Waters” (feat. Jeremiah Jae)
3. “Ascent”
4. “Vascular”
5. “Dark Matter”
6. “Ghost” (feat. Low Leaf)
7. “Revolt”
8. “Red” (feat. Anna Wise)
9. “Omni”
10. “Until You Are Sound” (feat. RYAT)
11. “Snoozer”
12. “The Great Wave”
13. “Solar Sail”
14. “Wind”
15. “Wail Song”
16. “Metempsychosis”
17. “Devotion”

 Mast Anna Wise Red Omni Stream Album