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Daedelus Samples Skateboards on Glitch-Rave Gem ‘Music Concrete’

Daedelus 'Music Concrete' Stream Anticon Drown Out

Respected producer Daedelus is a nomad of sorts. Though Alfred Darlington calls Los Angeles home, he never lets his sound loaf and he’s long been on a mission to plant an album at every independent label of note that loves electronic music as much as he does. That considered, it’s surprising he’s only just now making his Anticon Records debut. Drown Out is his 13th (or so) full-length effort, and it arrives September 17 preceded by “Music Concrete” below.

Fittingly the song opens with sounds that seem sourced from non-musical surroundings: shuffling papers, perhaps, and clicking equipment that assume new form as the synths and sequences kick in. Balancing a mix of glitch and rave with a busyness that may point to Chicago’s footwork legacy, the track moves through a handful of moods in less than three minutes, making for a listen as effortlessly enjoyable as it is rewarding to discerning ears. Oh, and it ends with the sound of skateboard wheels hitting the ground.

Anticon is celebrating 15 years of innovation tonight in Los Angeles. Daedelus will perform alongside: Baths (fresh off of his Obsidian long-player); Jel (who debuted his “Late Pass” with SPIN last month); the psych-rap folk-pop band WHY? shape-shifting rap diarist Serengeti (and maybe Kenny Dennis); fellow label founders Doseone, Odd Nosdam, and Alias; and bumper crop beatsmiths Sodapop, D33J, and Low Limit. Tickets are available at The Echo.