Watch Mac DeMarco Warn Sundance Fans to ‘Treat Her Better’

Mac DeMarco 'Treat Her Better' Video Live Sundance

Now that Mac DeMarco’s Salad Days has a proper release date — April 1 via Captured Tracks — the Canuck fuzz-pop oddball is popping up all over the place. There was the fake song “Eddie’s Dream” (also known as “A Little Bit of Pussy”), the radio session and acoustic gig that yielded a few legit tracks, and the proper release of lead single “Passing Out Pieces.” But the last place we expected to see the man was at Sundance and yet, there he was, playing at the 1MSQFT space while the lovely La Blogothèque filmed. Above, you can watch DeMarco give an electric rendition of new one “Treat Her Better,” gifting that intimate space with spare bursts of guitar, sung warnings leveled at an unseen foe, and the occasional maniacal laugh. If you know who you are, “boy,” you might wanna listen up.


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