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Danny Brown on Social Media: ‘You Can’t Just Call People a Crackhead’

Danny Brown Hannibal Buress Interview Video

Sonically speaking, it’s been a damn fine 2013, so SPIN celebrated our Year in Music last week with an invite-only gala at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg. The lineup was indicative of our staff’s eclectic taste: pop hurricane Charli XCX, indie-rock legends Superchunk, and last but hardly least, Danny Brown. We captured some great performance footage of Detroit’s proudest son, and we’ll share that soon, but first to the behind-the-scenes. Our host for the night was Hannibal Buress — clutch wingman on The Eric André Show, and an ace comic himself — and the man took a little time to catch up with Brown backstage.

Above, you’ll the Old MC talking about his restless life on the road, admitting that visiting South Africa changed his perspective, and explaining why he stopped stage-diving at shows. Below, the pair discuss Brown’s last bout of fisticuffs (“I [woke up with] a Timberland tree in the middle of my forehead”) and his experience with social media bullies (“You can’t just call people a crackhead”). Lots of laughing ensues.