Hear Swim Good’s Resolutely Optimistic ‘Sandviken’

Swim Good, "Sandviken"

The Toronto producer known as Swim Good has released only a smattering of tracks so far, but they keep being worthy of his Frank Ocean-nodding pseudonym. The latest, “Sandviken,” has a Scandinavian title that once again lets you know it’s cut from the same high-flying kite as the idyllic pop of Air France, jj, and non-Swedish descendants Elite Gymnastics/Default Genders and Jerome LOL. This one carries the same homemade intimacy and keyboard gleam as Swim Good’s previously shared “Act More Stupidly” and “Summer Solstice,” though this time balancing four-on-the-floor verses with handclappy acoustic-guitar breakdowns. “I will never put my hope in any other,” he repeats at the end amid orchestral loops and sighing falsettos. As dangerous as it can be to put all your hope on one person or idea, at least he still has the stuff.


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