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Hear Swim Good’s Wistful ‘Act More Stupidly’

Canadian songwriter and producer sculpts more dazzling homemade pop

Swim Good is a Toronto-based singer and multi-instrumentalist who originally hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He prefers not to publish his name — “Basically just doing the classic ‘I want the attention solely on the music for now’ until the Weeknd steals my beat, then I’ll start a Twitter RAMPAGE aha,” he writes in an email — but he has so far shared two tracks decidedly worthy of such attention. Last month’s “Summer Solstice” introduced his mix of lavish, Avalanches-style collage-pop and homespun, evocative vocals. Now comes “Act More Stupidly,” which features a more contemplative groove, warm trumpet, and delicate keyboards, as the Swim Good main man carefully raises the issue of making out. The Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan mastered this one, and it shows in the professional sound quality. Stay tuned for a planned EP this fall.

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