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Hear Swim Good’s Crystalline, Sample-Disco ‘Summer Solstice’

swim good

Swim Good shares a name with a song by Frank Ocean, and new track “Summer Solstice” is billed as “summer pop in the spirit of the late great Air France.” Precious little other information exists about the Canadian producer, but the dual nods to Nostalgia, Ultra and the gentle giants of sample-driven Swedish pop make for an attention-grabbing combo. “Summer Solstice” rewards that attention with liquid, collage-like indie dance, all sun-dappled keys and percolating thumps. Air France’s influence is, happily, undiminished lately (see also: Postiljonen, Champions League). But what’s most encouraging here is that “in the spirit of” bit: The plainspoken, creaking vocal and ramshackle acoustic guitar of “Summer Solstice” kick off Swim Good’s shoes and head toward potentially uncharted shores. “Don’t wanna make you feel bad”? He make music good.

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