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See MellowHigh Catch Reefer Madness in ‘4 Days With’ Tour Video

MellowHigh Tour Video '4 Days With' Odd Future Carnival

When your group’s called MellowHigh, there’s a natural assumption that life on the road is a slow-motion blur of hazy days — a purple-flecked bus, perhaps, trailing billowing smoke. But Odd Future trio Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and Left Brain disprove that lazy assumption handily in the video above, which condenses four days of tour madness into seven minutes of frenetic wilding. Basically, it’s the stuff of Reefer Madness fear-mongering come to life.

We see plenty of marijuana, yes. But instead of chill stonerisms we get fans on the verge of rioting, artists who are clearly deranged, talking likenesses of cats, and stuff getting broken. Plus, cameos from known rabble-rousers like Tyler, the Creator, Kanye West, and those young ruffians from Trash Talk.

The video was fittingly shot by the High5Collective, and those boys also get in on the fun, which occasionally involves being coated in silly string. The “Yu” video, from MellowHigh’s new self-titled debut album, offered a glimpse into a freaky weekend, sure. But one night at the Odd Future Carnival can beat that easily.