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Chief Keef Returns to Jail Ahead of Drug Treatment Sentence

Chief Keef, custody, jail, rehab, Cook County

By the time you read this, Chief Keef could be back in jail. The Chicago rapper said as much himself in an Instagram post yesterday (November 6), writing, “In court Finna go to Jail Judge Wants to send me Back.” Now the Chicago Tribune reports that Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart, is “back in custody.” According to BET, a rep for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Keef was headed to a jail in the city’s south side.

Keef will have to show up in court again to find out the specifics of where he’ll enter rehab, according to the Tribune. Turns out the Finally Rich MC was right about the judge, who sentenced him to 90 days of drug treatment. The sheriff’s office said there’s some question whether the judge meant for Keef to go to an unguarded treatment facility, as the sentence originally dictated.

The sentence came after Keef failed two drug tests. Those were required under Keef’s settlement for allegedly doing 110 m.p.h. in a 55 zone this spring. Keef’s latest legal trouble is unrelated to his reported contempt of court finding in September after records showed he failed to pay child support. He also faces a couple of paternity suits, and he has been arrested a couple of times this year in connection with marijuana charges. Keef previously served jail time for violating parole from a gun conviction.

None of this appears to have slowed Keef’s music-making. In recent months, he has shared the smart-phone anthem “Emojis,” the mixtape Almighty So, the mixtape Bang Pt. 2, and assorted accompanying videos.