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Even Lil Wayne Bailed on Paris Hilton’s Insipid ‘Good Time’ Video Party

Paris Hilton, Lil Wayne, "Good Time" video

“Mo’ money, mo’ problems / Mo’ money will solve them,” Lil Wayne raps on Paris Hilton’s unapologetically dumb “Good Time.” And here Ma$e has been saying that DJ Khaled‘s Notorious B.I.G.-referencing song is disrespectful. Still, Weezy has a point. For all the critical vitriol lobbed at Hilton’s 2006 debut album, Paris, the money lavished on hiring that era’s top producers couldn’t have been completely wasted. The video for Hilton’s Tunechi collaboration, which is actually the second time the two have united for party brags over generic EDM-pop pulses, is pretty over the top: Hilton poses in a sparkling bathing suit and enjoys a neon-lit pool party that Wayne doesn’t even appear to be attending. And the song, produced by DJ Afrojack, is something like a corporate-rave update of Eddie Murphy’s 1985 novelty “Party All the Time.” But we will watch, and the product placements suggest the people involved will get paid. “I may be a little bit tipsy, but that’s okay ’cause you’re with me,” Hilton sings, and it’s hard to think she’s talking about Wayne. Money ain’t nothing but money, and when you get to the money, ain’t nothing but money.