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Hear Lil Wayne and Paris Hilton’s EDM Sex-Tape Anthem ‘Last Night’

Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne

Paris Hilton’s wealth and fame make her an easy and annoyingly ubiquitous target, but they also tend to help buy finer things than the heiress-cum-socialite’s critics will acknowledge. For instance, she has taken notice of Korean pop’s recent SPINdocumented dominance, appearing in a video by K-Pop star Kim Jang Hoon. And she teamed up with Lil Wayne over a trendy, dubstep-infused beat by producer Afrojack on a new song that has surfaced via TMZ. The backing track, with a vocal by Australian singer Havana Brown rather than Hilton, showed up on Pitbull’s latest album under the name “Last Night,” a title that applies just as easily here. Pitbull’s Las Vegas clichés on the released track give you an idea of how little new ground is being broken here, but the Hilton-Weezy collaboration is marginally more successful, with Wayne going all out on filthy single entendres between Hilton’s cooing vocals. “Excuse my French, but fuck the cameras / I wanna spend a night in Paris,” Tunechi raps. If you have to be the subject of an unwanted sex tape, which would be a despicable fate no matter whose daughter you are, at least Hilton has the means to make a joke out of it.