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Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne’s New Song Is Even Worse Than the Last One

Paris Hilton Lil Wayne 'Good Times' Song Cash Money

Remember when Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne made that song together all about getting effed up over EDM beats? No? Well, it’s fine because they’ve done it again. Last time it was “Last Night.” Now the Cash Money-signed “artist”/heiress has teamed with her perpetually grinning label boss to record something called “Good Times.” TMZ has shared a snippet of this brain-busting masterwork, embedded above, in which Hilton kinda-sorta sings about being tipsy and Tunechi follows with, “All she know is suck, fuck.” The content is the same, the beats are the same, the idea (which we can only assume is her “I’m a staaaaar” and his “cash out”) is the same. The only thing that’s different is, embarrassingly, that there’s precedent this time.

Fool me once…