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Hear Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’ Right Here, Right Now

Arcade Fire 'Reflektor' Full Album Stream Listen Hear Video

Shortly after news hit that Arcade Fire’s Reflektor has leaked, the band tweeted out a link to their homepage, which now sports a full stream of the entire thing. The “Full Album Teaser” can be found above, and indeed features all 14 songs (including the disc one bonus track) set to the classic Brazilian film Black Orpheus. The Montreal collective shared the song “Afterlife” accompanied by footage from that movie, which is much about the afterlife.

Of course, that’s a recurring theme in Arcade Fire’s work, so though the clip above was no doubt rushed out, it fits quite nicely. And we’re not ruling out the possibility that Reflektor was written to play along with old Orfeo Negro, considering the many moments of odd synchronicity that take place. To wit: the carnaval scenes, and the clapping on album around the 23-minute mark. Take that in above, as the Arcade Fire website is pretty much unreachable at this time.

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