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Watch the Cannanes Head to the Pub in Charming ‘Not Camping Out’ Video

The Cannanes

In a banner couple of years for Down Under indie pop, the O.G.s continue to hold their own. Strong records have arrived recently from Melbourne-reared New York transplant Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, along with still-Australian bands such as Beaches and Twerps. That’s leaving aside better-known, more mammoth-sounding bands like Tame Impala. Over in New Zealand, lo-fi heroes the Chills have returned, while bands like Surf City and Ghost Wave keep the humble torch burning.

Enter the Cannanes, an Australian DIY combo whose Small Batch EP earlier this year was their first major release in more than a decade. They recently followed with full-length Howling at All Hours, which included summer anti-anthem “A Bigger Splash.” From the same album, “Not Camping Out” is wonderfully plainspoken fuzz-pop about a night on the town. The video, true to that spirit, is every bit as steeped in everyday reality. Pour yourself a pint or two and watch above.