scott & charlene’s wedding

Hear Shorts’ Sunny, Bummer Beauty ‘Berlin 1971′

Mikael Caterer, guitarist for Brooklyn-based slacker-pop crew Scott & Charlene's Wedding, has gone solo for his own project, Shorts. On March 18, the Australian native…
Kyle McGovern / January 30, 2014

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Help a ‘Self-Destructive’ Friend on Ramshackle ‘Wild Heart’

Scott & Charlene's Wedding, the brainchild of Australian slack-pop prince Craig Dermody, released their latest album today (July 22) in the U.K. via Fire Records.
Kyle McGovern / July 22, 2013

Damon Albarn’s Supergroup Song Is Disappointing, But at Least It’s for Charity

Earlier this week, we alerted you to the forthcoming Fresh Touch track set to include contributions from Blur/Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn, Franz Ferdinand's charismatic singer…
Chris Martins / July 12, 2013

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Welcome ‘Lesbian Wife’ to the Slack-Pop Party

Scott & Charlene's Wedding is the beauteous slack-pop project of one Craig Dermody, an Australian expat whose relocation to New York City has provided him…
Chris Martins / July 3, 2013

Stream Scott & Charlene’s Wedding’s Slacker Sing-Along ‘Fakin’ NYC’

Scott & Charlene's Wedding already issued one lo-fi love letter packed with New York references this year (see "Two Weeks," from the EP of the…
Kyle McGovern / May 13, 2013

Hear Scott & Charlene’s Wedding’s Jangly But Gross ‘Gammy Leg’

Yuck, the band, meets "yuck" the expression of disgust on the latest song from Melbourne-born, New York-based singer and songwriter Craig Dermody. "Gammy Leg," from…
Marc Hogan / March 12, 2013

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding Epitomize Aussie Indie Pop on Wistful ‘Two Weeks’

Several years ago, an Australian singer-songwriter named Julian Nation released a fine album of glockenspiel-touched lo-fi pop, We Are All Writers, that sounded like it might…
Marc Hogan / January 24, 2013