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Watch Sebastien Tellier Toy With Forbidden Love in ‘L’amour Naissant’

Sebastien Tellier 'L'amour Naissant' Video Confection

French sensualist Sébastien Tellier has returned just in time. As respect for Giorgio Moroder’s incredible contributions grows once again, and Daft Punk’s return warms the world up to disco’s glitzy molten groove, and that old Drive soundtrack continues to ignite interest in noirish electro (is that all? did we forget any?), well, it’s safe to say that the listening public is ripe for this man’s picking. On November 8, Tellier is back with Confection via Record Makers (Kavinsky, um, Drive).

While Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo produced the lothario’s 2008 American breakthrough Sexuality, Cassius producer Phillipe Dzar and legendary drummer Tony Allen (Fela Kuti, the Good, the Bad & the Queen, Charlotte Gainsbourg) will reunite with Tellier for this one. Both were on board for his 2004 album Politics, as Brooklyn Vegan points out. Above you’ll find the video for the genteel and sweeping “L’amour naissant,” in which Tellier plays a cruel match-maker.

Sebastien Tellier, Confection track list:

1. “Adieu”
2. “Coco”
3. “L’ Amour naissant”
4. “Adieu mes Amours”
5. “Hypnose”
6. “Waltz”
7. “Adieu comme un jeu”
8. “Delta Romantica”
9. “Curiosa”
10. “L’ Amour naissant II”
11. “Coco et le labyrinthe”
12. “L’Amour naissant III”
13. “Curiosa II”
14. “Le delta des amours”