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Watch Pearl Jam Discuss ‘Lightning Bolt’ With Carrie Brownstein and Judd Apatow

Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt Danny Clinch Video Short Film

In the run-up to their 10th album proper, Pearl Jam have unleashed a series of collaborations with acclaimed photographer/director Danny Clinch. There was the electrifying video for “Mind Your Manners,” and the more mellow performance clip for “Sirens.” Now we have a genuine short film celebrating the forthcoming Lightning Bolt, due out October 15. We’ve reviewed the track list — which includes Eddie Vedder’s ukulele jam “Sleeping By Myself” — but Clinch’s nearly nine-minute piece focuses on the behind-the-scenes.

It also includes conversations with filmmaker Judd Apatow, Portlandia and Wild Flag star Carrie Brownstein, championship surfer Mark “MR” Richards, and former New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleason, who revealed his battle with ALS in 2011. The band gathers with their guests, separately, in a room where they are interviewed by each. The Q&A footage is interspersed with intimate footage of Pearl Jam at home and on the road. Early on, Vedder credits Lightning Bolt‘s stormy imagery to the Seattle weather.

Watch the informative and star-studded affair above.