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Pearl Jam Actually Mind Their Manners in Low-Key ‘Sirens’ Video

pearl jam, lightning bolt, sirens

Pearl Jam have struck again with another single and music video in support of their upcoming Lightning Bolt album. The newly revealed “Sirens” comes paired with a performance clip directed by famed photographer Danny Clinch and edited by Dom Whitworth, whose recent work includes the forthcoming Rolling Stones concert film, Sweet Summer Sun. Clinch also helmed the video for lead single “Mind Your Manners,” which cast the Seattle heavyweights against a backdrop crackling with agit-prop visuals and surges of cartoon electricity — a jittery companion well suited for the song’s restless fury. In the above clip, though, Eddie Vedder and co. occupy a starkly lit stage to play a quieter tune from their 10th LP. No projection screens, no doomsday imagery — just the band, applying rootsy balm to the burn left from “Mind Your Manners.”

Pearl Jam’s Lightning Bolt hits on October 15 via Monkeywrench/Republic Records. Pre-orders are currently available through iTunes, which is a good thing, since it’s easily one of the 50 Fall Albums You Gotta Hear.