Kurt Cobain Flaunts Drumming Skills in Nirvana ‘Live and Loud’ Rehearsal Videos

Nirvana, 'Live and Loud,' rehearsals, "Very Ape," "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter," Kurt Cobain, drum, 'In Utero'

In December 1993, toward the end of the U.S. tour that would sadly be Nirvana’s last, MTV rented out a warehouse in Seattle to film a New Year’s Eve special starring the band. The stunning 17-song performance, titled Live and Loud, is arguably the band’s best professionally recorded concert, and although it has lived on via occasional rebroadcasts (and in untold thousands of home-dubbed, grainy VHS tapes), it was never officially released. But tomorrow, as part of Universal’s 20th-anniversary reissue of the band’s swan-song studio album In Utero, the complete show will finally hit stores, both as a standalone DVD and as part of the “Super Deluxe” edition of the box set.

The DVD also includes a dozen additional tracks, including the director’s cut of “Heart-Shaped Box,” the band’s last TV performances (on shows in France and Italy), and four rehearsals for Live and Loud, including the two that MTV and VH1 have shared today. A run-through of “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” is below, and above is “Very Ape,” where we get to see Kurt Cobain showing off his not-bad-at-all skills as a drummer.


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