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RuPaul’s Love Advice to Henry Rollins: ‘Let Them See Those Icky Bits’

RuPaul, Henry Rollins, Black Flag, love advice, 'RuPaul Drives'

Black Flag fans need advice on how to deal with the existence of two separate reunions, neither involving legendary frontman Henry Rollins. Hell, Titus Andronicus leader Patrick Stickles, in his epic review of another recent reunion, wrote that he was “counting the seconds” until he could leave the self-described Black Flag’s Brooklyn show earlier this year. Meanwhile, Rollins is soliciting recommendations of a whole other kind, from no less an authority than RuPaul (who runs the world, in case you weren’t familiar) — on the subject of lasting love.

As Bust and Accidental Bear report, and the video above demonstrates, the RuPaul’s Drag Race star is starting a Web series called RuPaul Drives, and the second episode features — you guessed it — Rollins. And, yes, RuPaul gives the ex-Black Flag barker relationship tips. Rollins says he hasn’t had the “maturity, strength of character, and moral courage,” to open himself up to another person in a committed way. Suggests RuPaul: “Stay vulnerable. Allow people to see those icky bits … The universe is calling you out.” It’s sweet and endearing and well worth watching.