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Porcelain Raft’s ‘The Way Out’ Video Takes a Dark Trip to a Strip Club

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Last month, Porcelain Raft main man Mauro Remiddi shared “The Way Out,” a gauzy second single off his upcoming Permanent Signal album. As the Italian-born singer/songwriter/producer tells it, he penned the shuffling tune around the time of last year’s Hurricane Sandy, after seeing the various ways that natural life had weathered the storm. “Trees are growing through the pavement / Breaking the ground,” Remiddi sings. “Nature will always find a way out.” Now he’s shared an official video for the song, but, surprisingly, the clip doesn’t play like a Planet Earth knock-off (or Explosions in the Sky video). Instead, the four-minute short focuses on two people: A woman and a man, a stripper and a strip club patron, to be specific. Going into too much detail would spoil the plot, but suffice it to say that the “gentleman” in the audience pays no mind to the venue’s “no hands” policy. Watch it above.