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Hear the A$AP Rocky ‘#Beautiful’ Verse That the World Didn’t Need

Mariah Carey Miguel #Beautiful ASAP Rocky

First of all, we’re fans of all three artists here. Mariah Carey is a melismatic legend and the very embodiment of the early ’90s R&B that we hold so dear. Miguel is an artistic genius — a singing, songwriting, producing triple-threat ushering alt-R&B into the mainstream. And A$AP Rocky is a stylish if perhaps unfocused young talent deserving of our continued attention (also, a great interview). Also, we love “#Beautiful.” Hashtag aside, it’s an early leader for Anthem of the Summer, though it’s getting some stiff competition from Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”

So perhaps it’s due to T.I.’s turn on that latter hit that Mariah and Miguel’s collaboration now gets a few bars from Rocky. All of the aforementioned considered, this didn’t need to happen and A$AP must know it, because he rhymes the name of an upscale fast food chain with a popular Chinese noodle dish. See: “Shawty got grill like Chipotle / And my favorite meal be the shrimp lo mein.” Good thing the dude just served himself, because we’re pretty sure Chipotle doesn’t sell that dish. You’ve been warned.