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Here’s Morrissey’s Life Story Read By a Robot

Morrissey Birthday Wikipedia Entry Read Out Loud

In honor of Morrissey’s birthday — the Mozzer turns 54 today — we’d like to present the oral history of the former Smiths singer and righteous mononymous solo star, painstakingly assembled via hours of interviews and excellent editing by your devoted SPIN staff. Okay, it’s actually just a robot reading the man’s Wikipedia profile for an hour. But isn’t that neat? Thanks to Slicing Up Eyeballs for the tip.

The clip appears on a YouTube channel called wikispeak10, which seems to exist for the sole purpose of converting useful Wiki entries (“rhombus,” “prohibition,” “Ken Shamrock”) into audible content presumably for the visually or literately impaired. That said, the vast majority of their 8,191 videos has zero views whatsoever. In recent Morrissey news, the legendary songsmith has been recovering from serious health issues while hurling witty vitriol at the ghost of Margaret Thatcher and collecting unsolicited advice from Amanda Palmer.

We hope Moz has a better birthday than the person he sang this to in 1987:–A%3Frel%3D0