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Ryan Hemsworth and KeyBoardKid206 Share Cloud-Rap Video-Game Tributes


Hip-hop and the video-game scores of Yasunori Mitsuda are on a collision course lately. Earlier this month, producer 2 Mello shared Chrono Jigga, which put Jay-Z’s verses over Mitsuda’s music for the influential game Chrono Trigger. A couple of years ago, when Danny Brown got “higher than a pelican in heaven” on Main Attrakionz’ “Cloud Skatin’,” composer/producer Julian Wass (also of L.A. synth-poppers Fol Chen) sampled MItsuda’s Xenogears video-game soundtrack.

Now Wass has enlisted friends to come up with beats based on Mitsuda’s soundtracks for a new compilation called MITSUDA, which Lefse Records announced today it will release on April 2. Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth, recently seen dousing Lana Del Rey, Mykki Ekko, and Cat Power in lysergic haze, offers the brief, magisterially booming “Proto.” Seattle’s KeyBoardKid 206, a producer for Lil B and Heems, adds the misty swirl of “Secret Forest .. (Tree Music).”

Both tracks are chances for gamers to check out two talented beatsmiths — and for cloud-rap heads to get familiar with the world of video-game music.

Download Ryan Hemsworth’s “Proto” here.
Download KeyBoardKid206’s “Secret Forest .. (Tree Music)” here.