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SPIN Mix for September: 13 Great Songs to Hear Now

From cutting edge hip-hop to Madchester spaz rock -- the hottest tracks, picked by SPIN's editors.

Every month, SPIN editors hit the clubs, troll the web, and listen to copious amounts of advance albums to uncover the best new tunes of the moment. Here are this month’s hottest tracks: Read about the songs below and use the player to hear them all.

1. Tabi Bonney, “Parachute”
This MC’s pickup lines are regular-cat corny, but Ski Beatz’ jazzy, undulating beat is so fabulously suave that it’s on, regardless. (YouTube)

2. Pictureplane, “Post Physical”
The sort of organically swoony electronica crossover that a thousand duos of DJ monkeys couldn’t concoct with any regularity in 1998. (YouTube)

3. M83, “Midnight City”
The soothing sound of all the creeps in ‘Grand Theft Auto: Vice City’ rolling on E and hugging it out instead of murdering each other. (YouTube)

4. Main Attrakionz feat. Danny Brown, “Cloud Skatin”
Zonked-out beat, but it’s all about Danny Brown, who’s “higher than a pelican in heaven blowing sevens, bumpin’ Devin, engine revvin’,” on and on. (YouTube)

5. Veronica Falls, “Come on Over”
A tastefully paced stampede of romantic shambling from this Pastels-loving Glasgow coed quartet. (YouTube)

6. Rockwell Knuckles, “Silly Human”
St. Louis MC (and avid Kenny Powers fan) boasts a Chuck D bellow, a delirious bent, and a nimbly boisterous beat from homey Trifekta. (YouTube)

7. SBTRKT, “Wildfire”
Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano lends silky vocals as the cryptic producer dials up some loungy sounds, then sideswipes them with slinky sub-bass and Tetris-puzzle synths. (YouTube)

8. Balam Acab, “Apart”
Another ghost-world R&B conjurer – from Mechanicsburg, PA! – who lures you into a primordial swirl of dazed bass and sensual static where doves sigh. (YouTube)

9. Thundercat, “Daylight”
L.A. bass virtuoso – wait, hear us out – L.A. bass virtuoso and Flying Lotus confrere Stephen Bruner floats smooth, low tones over a lush psych-soul soundscape. Funky, fluid, fresh. (YouTube)

10. Kendrick Lamar, “Fuck Your Ethnicity”
The rare conscious uplift anthem that dazzles you with its array of vocal tech- niques, sates you with a hook, and just lets the message ride. (YouTube)

11. Agnes Obel, “Riverside”
A classically trained pianist with a forcefully hushed voice, Obel is more spare soul than flighty folk. She’ll rivet you with her flow. (YouTube)

12. WU LYF, “Concrete Gold”
Good luck deciphering what Ellery Roberts is yelping about, but his unstoppable uplift – juiced by his bandmates’ rapturous guitar sprawl – is meaning enough. (YouTube)

13. Zola Jesus, “Vessel”
Like a chopped, screwed, and tattooed version of Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen.” (YouTube)

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