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Watch CHVRCHES’ Epic ‘Recover’ Video

CHVRCHES 'Recover' Video EP

Glagow’s CHVRCHES were a lock for SPIN’s Best New Artists this month — the way these artistically minded synth-smiths flirt with genuine pop is something to marvel at, and their content doesn’t disappoint either. The titular track from their March 26 Glassnote EP Recover is a bubbling ode to trying to figure your life out. “If I recover, will you be my comfort?” asks singer Lauren Mayberry in a voice that splits the difference between Kate Bush and the Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson. Meanwhile, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty whip up a Kavinsky-dense electronic score with enough warmth to counter the doubt hidden in Mayberry’s chilling lyric sheet.

The music video for the song takes a sci-fi tact, with the trio only appearing briefly as talking heads on a screen. Otherwise, mysterious cubes float through a gravity-less environment. We eventually head down a rabbit hole and into this foreign orb’s core, where what appears to be a subterranean city thrives.

CHVRCHES are playing SPIN’s March 15 annual Austin throwdown at Stubb’s BBQ alongside Kendrick Lamar, Solange, Trinidad James and more.


1. “Recover”
2. “Zvvl”
3. “Now Is Not the Time”
4. “Recover (Cid Rim Remix)”
5. “Recover (Curxes’ 1996 Remix)”