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Tyler, the Creator Turns Pro Wrestler in ‘Domo 23’ Video, Then Frank Ocean Croons

Tyler, the Creator, Domo 23, Wolf

We never thought we’d say this, but Tyler, the Creator’s new video has something for everyone. The pro-wrestling-themed visuals for “Domo 23,” the first taste of the Odd Future deep throat’s just-announced April 2 album Wolf, contain enough gleefully juvenile humor and lurching electronic production to body-slam the Los Angeles hip-hop collective’ usual demographic; Earl Sweatshirt dances gloriously as the referee, and Tyler shares the ring with fellow OF-er Domo Genesis.

And for those of us stick-in-the-muds who don’t have nostalgic memories of our friends’ wrestling obsessions? Who still recoil at Tyler’s sneering dismissal of concerns his group’s rise was partly fueled by jokes about rape and gays (“A couple fags threw a little hissfit,” he spits here)? Who aren’t so sure about the Rodney King joke here in a post-Emmett-Till-punch line world?

Well, the last minute-plus of the video is like a whole new song — the Internet suggests it’s called “Bimmer.” Tyler raps a tiny bit more sensitively (“‘Cause I fingered you, you think a fucking ring is coming up? / Maybe, I don’t know”) in a simple T-shirt and basketball-cap outfit, dropping Tame Impala references as the unmistakable voice of OF affiliate Frank Ocean rains down from the rafters. All delivered as a sideways R. Kelly allusion. The follow-up to 2011 breakthrough Goblin would have to be wild, wouldn’t it?