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Local Natives Lift ‘Heavy Feet’ on ‘Fallon’ as Jim James Joins the Roots

Local Natives on 'Fallon'

Local Natives pull off the neat trick of combining uptight intricacy with hippie-friendly looseness. Melding “drum-circle brawn and chamber-pop beauty,” as our own Rob Harvilla put in his review of the Los Angeles band’s sophomore album, Hummingbird. For instance, the new record’s “Heavy Feet” mixes whirling, precise drumming with delicate, slightly melancholy harmonies, leaving fans either to marvel at the meticulous performance or get lost in the vibe, man.

Despite its fastidious construction, the song actually lends itself to help from guests — peep the National’s Aaron Dressner joining Local Natives onstage at last Friday night’s Brooklyn show. So it’s a bit of a shame My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, who played Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Monday night and stuck around last night as a guest vocalist with the Roots, didn’t throw his estimable voice into the mix. But this Fallon rendition of “Heavy Feet” takes off nicely just the same.

Watch the full episode, including James’ contributions, below.