Kitty Pryde’s ‘Dead Island’ Is Good Enough to Silence H8Rs

kitty pryde

Daytona Beach’s Kitty Pryde may have had her big White Girl Rap Moment last year, but coy confessionals like “Okay Cupid” and “Justin Bieber” drew as many naysaying skeptics as they did jaw-dropping passersby and genuine aficianados. While the 19-year-old Tumblr “Prince$$” (as tattooed on her inner lower lip) has been a divisive hip-hop proposition to say the least, she’s just released a new song that stands to change that.

“Dead Island” hails from her forthcoming D.A.I.S.Y. Rage EP, due out later this month, and it finds Pryde laying down fiercely cute, playful, and poignant verses over some gorgeously left-field sonics cribbed from U.K. producer Water. The beat’s foundation is a downright Reichian vocal loop, while moody atmosphere and marching drums surge throughout. She gets comedic points for sneaking in the line “Wiz is black and yellow when I’m white and fucking terrible,” but wins the audience over with relatable sentiments like, “Need to get the fuck outta my home town, need to bounce in my own crowd.” If the responses so far are a sign of anything, the pro-Pryde crowd may be growing very quickly. She’s also recently confirmed that she has a verse on an upcoming “very personal emotional cloud rap kitty-style song” by Danny Brown.


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