Death Grips Film Unsettling ‘Come Up and Get Me’ Video at Posh Chateau Marmont

Death Grips Come Up and Get Me Video Chateau Marmont

As revealed in Christopher R. Weingarten’s Artist of the Year feature on Sacramento noise-rap kings, Death Grips, when the duo found themselves at a low, they regrouped and headed for high ground: Los Angeles historic celeb haven of a hotel, the $435-a-night Chateau Marmont. It was there that they hatched a nigh-diabolical plan to leak their own album, NO LOVE DEEP WEB, the opening track of which was presciently titled, “Come up and get me.”

Stefan Burnett and Zach Hill also did some filming while they were in residence at the posh landmark (in addition to shooting the insanely awesome record’s insanely offensive cover image), resulting in a 13-minute short film/music video for the aforementioned song. The black-and-white clip is mostly silent until the 8:50 mark, but offers plenty of bizarre eye candy — mostly Burnett in darkly absurd scenarios within the hotel’s walls.

We see the Death Grips barker chomping on an orchid, hiding in cramped spaces, swinging from overhead pipes, smoking what looks like a blunt whilst sitting on a chair perched on top of a bed, and just otherwise being shirtless — unless he’s in the shower, in which case he’s fully clothed, hoodie and all. One of the more disturbing images comes from producer Zach Hill, who appears handcuffed and struggling underwater.

As noted in SPIN’s Best Albums of 2012 writeup of NO LOVE DEEP WEB (No. 12, btw) “This is Death Grips’ world and the rest of us are just passing through.”


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