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See FIDLAR Make Creedence Clearwater Revival Play ‘Gimme Something’

fidlar, creedence clearwater revival, gimme something

SPIN’s new Breaking Out stars FIDLAR have a thing for “digital graffiti” — which is to say, reappropriating whatever footage they find online as the often hilarious backdrop to their endless spate of pepped-up, thoroughly debauched anthems. While their last couple of videos were positively above board — see their hipster-skewering “Cheap Beer” and VHS-inspired “No Waves” clips — their just-out visual accompaniment for “Gimme Something” is a feat of copyright-infringing genius. Here, the band edits vintage footage of Creedence Clearwater Revival playing a concert so that the old school swamp-rockers look, quite convincingly, as if they’re playing FIDLAR’s song. The only explanation offered? “Our friend found this video of us playing a couple years back. Back when cocaine was good for you.” FIDLAR, FTW.