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FIDLAR Target Craft Brew-Swilling Hipsters in ‘Cheap Beer’ Video

fidlar cheap beer video

Los Angeles punks FIDLAR take heavy, hilarious swings at hipster culture in their new video for “Cheap Beer.” In this Ryan Baxley-directed clip, a tattooed Harley-riding badass embarks on a solemn mission to smack the pricey craft brews out of the young hands that hold them. He visits a content yipster couple toasting a Yeti stout poured into wine glasses. He drops in on a Stella-clinking cool kids party. And he returns to the first household to wreak serious havoc when the same dweeb from before attempts to sneak a Chimay into the bedroom. Meanwhile, FIDLAR thrash through the surprisingly catchy hardcore ripper whose chorus lays the message out clear as day: “I. Drink. Cheap. Beer. So. What. Fuck. You.” The lowbrow yet oh-so-canny single hails from the band’s self-titled debut, due out January 22 on Mom + Pop. Someone warn Pliney.