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Chris Brown Haters Use Rihanna’s Battered Face to Protest Swedish Show

Concert posters replace Breezy's mug with familiar photo

An unknown person or group in Sweden is trolling Chris Brown’s upcoming Stockholm concert with impressive verve and creativity. Someone has been plastering professional-looking posters around town that promote the show, going as far as to include the logos of the various corporate presenters behind the event and the words, translated from Swedish, “Buy your ticket at Ticketmaster Sweden.”

There is a catch though. Instead of a smirking image of ol’ Breezy, the consumer is greeted by Rihanna’s battered face as photographed by police after Brown assualted her in 2009. This is the same likeness, of course, that the world was reminded of when the R&B roughneck got a zombiefied ladyface tattooed on his neck. (Brown got the world back, however, by dressing up like a terrorist for Halloween.)

This isn’t the first time Brown’s character (?) has been attacked by rogue Europeans. In September, SPIN’s Nicole Sia spoke to the British group affixing stickers to the singer’s most recent album, Fortune, which read, “WARNING: Do not buy this album! This man beats women!” This latest chapter comes via Huffington Post, who link to a Swedish article that includes the above photo, originally taken from Twitter.