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Chris Brown Trolls the World With Terrorist Halloween Costume

Chris Brown's ill-advised Instagram

Unscrupulous contemporary totem of douchebaggery and occassional pop singer Chris Brown has somehow discovered yet another icky fashion choice to put in his closet next to his OOPS! chain and his tattoo that looks creepily like his battered ex-girlfriend. Never afraid to venture into new frontiers of insensitivity, Chris Brown attempted the modern classic of idiot fratboys everywhere: the racist Halloween costume!

Looks like Chris and the rest of Team Breezy decided to show up at Rihanna’s Halloween party (disturbia!) dressed as Middle Eastern terrorists…or, possibly, the world’s worst ZZ Top cover band. Kudos, Breezy, on reducing an entire group of people to your shitty preconcieved notions and stereotypes — we’ll be sure to look the other way next time someone calls you a “rapper” instead of “singer.” 

Extra bonus das racism points to Perez Hilton who brought the story to our attention but still managed to throw around the word “Arab” in his single paragraph of manufactured outrage! Oh and also, Rihanna dressed as the Bride of Marijuana. Good work, all around.