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Garbage and Screaming Females Cover Patti Smith’s ‘Because the Night’

Garbage Screaming Females Patti Smith Cover 'Because The Night'

Garbage and Screaming Females have been having a grand old time on the road. Judging by the tightness of that headlock and the ferocious look on Shirley Manson’s face, she and SF singer Marissa Paternoster have become legit homegirls.

Unfortunately, the latter has come down with a case of mono and grounded the band after a final show with the ’90s alt-rock giants on Wednesday night. But on Tuesday in Houston, Paternoster joined Garbage on stage to trade lines and play guitar on a cover of Patti Smith’s classic “Because the Night.” Thanks to an inspired YouTuber, we’ve now got decent footage to share.

The eternally feisty Manson begins by introducing “smart, funny rock star Marissa Paternoster, who has done nothing but give me shit on this entire tour. No fucking respect right here!” She then adds, “There’s just not enough girls doing this, and when I say doing this, I don’t mean … pop music, singing nursery rhymes and dancing as fast as they can. I’m talking girls who are in disagreement with the mainstream. Girls who don’t want to get sexed up in their videos and show their tits. And girls who sat in their bedrooms since they were God only knows what age and learned how to play the guitar like this.”

That, of course, was a reference to Paternoster, who rubbed her throat in clear discomfort before going toe-to-toe in a raging guitar duel with Garbage’s Steve Marker. At the end, Manson embraces Paternoster and calls her “my little sister.” Aww.