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Deftones Share Goopy, Astral Lyric Video for ‘Tempest’

Deftones Tempest lyric video Koi No Yokan

Sacramento alt-metal godheads Deftones have released a lyric video for their new album’s fiery first single, “Tempest.” The song is a brooding but furious slab of ethereal heft that should satisfy fans still hankering for a return to the experimental glory of 2000’s White Pony. Likewise with the only other track thus far released from November 13’s anticipated Koi No Yokan LP. “Leathers,” which you can stream below the “Tempest” clip, is a rawer, harder piece that explodes after the aqueous ambient intro. The album is available for preorder via iTunes now, and a limited edition physical package is promised to arrive soon, according to Deftones’ website. Thrust ahead, and check out Koi No Yokan’s track-listing as well.

Koi No Yokan

1. “Swerve City”
2. “Romantic Dreams”
3. “Leathers”
4. “Poltergeist”
5. “Entombed”
6. “Graphic Nature”
7. “Tempest”
8. “Gauze”
9. “Rosemary”
10. “Goon Squad”
11. “What Happened to You?”