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10 Albums You Can Hear Now: Brian Eno, Lindstrom, the Coup, Cody ChesnuTT, More

Album Stream Brian Eno Linstrom Cody ChesnuTT the Coup

Another another bounty of streaming albums for your immediate listening pleasure. Enjoy!

1) Brian Eno, Lux. “Warm and bright, as if it was composed from intersecting rays of colored light instead of keys, strings, and other resonant things plucked or struck by Eno.” (via SPIN)

2) Lindstrøm, Smalhans. “Sleek and bombastic, the record’s six tracks pulse with enough 4/4 to convince his nine-year-old son that disco is better.” (via SPIN)

3) Cody ChesnuTT, Landing on a Hundred. “Fleshes out and enriches his sound in every way, while showcasing a powerful voice that still conjures Stevie Wonder.” (via NPR)

4) The Coup, Sorry to Bother You. “Punk urgency [and] astute social commentary [over a] unique sound that draws from the past but never sounds anything but futuristic.” (via CoS)

5) Andy Stott, Luxury Problems. “These days, [Manchester techno innovator] Stott makes bass music, and not for dancing; we’re talking ocean-floor dub here.” (via NPR)

6) Andrew Bird, Hands of Glory. “Ghostly folk music, country covers … and even the occasional bit of Arcade Fire-esque bombast .. recorded in a barn.” (via Guardian)

7) Writer, Brotherface. From the press release: “A unique combination of anthemic and psychedelic; not meandering, definitely structured, but also bubbling and swirling.” (via Spinner)

8) Calvin Love, New Radar. “Lo-fi dance pop [drawing] inspiration from popular music of the ’50s and ’60s, but integrates electronic influences as well.” (via Paste)

9) Menahan Street Band, The Crossing. “Some tracks ride slow and mysterious … while others open up with immediate layers of melody. Staying still … is nearly impossible.” (via Rolling Stone)

10) Dolfish, I’d Rather Disappear Than Stay the Same. “[Max] Sollisch’s style has been compared to everyone from Neil Young to fellow Ohio rockers Guided by Voices.” (via Paste)