Liz Phair Forced Us to Embed a Perez Hilton Video On Our Site

Liz Phair

We can’t say for sure why Liz Phair opted to premiere her new video for “And He Slayed Her” on the same website that preemptively reported Fidel Castro’s death in August 2007, but there it is. Like M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” video, this one features badass driving in dusty terrain. That’s pretty much where that similarity ends, we just wanted an excuse to remind you M.I.A. put out a pretty incredible video recently. “And He Slayed Her” is a twangy, catchy track from Phair’s self-released 2010 album Funstyle, an album she told us last year everyone was way too bummed about. “It has been really fun and funny to watch people’s reactions to Funstyle,” she said. “It was very experimental and just fun for me to put out. Obviously in the title itself, it lets you know what you’re gonna get — the lack of humor shown by a bunch of the reviewers is really kind of funny because they took it very seriously.”


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