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Hear Flosstradamus and DJ Sliink’s Explosive ‘Test Me’

Flosstradamus / Photo by Nick Walker

Chicago duo Flosstradamus and New Jersey’s DJ Sliink both share an approach that blends hip-hop with the various strains of the global dance-music diaspora, as well as elements of pop and R&B. Although it’s only been several months since Flosstradamus’ Jubilation digital EP for Fool’s Gold, which featured fellow Midwest heroes Danny Brown and Kid Sister, the duo more recently joined up with Diplo to remix Usher’s atmospheric quiet-storm stunner “Climax.” DJ Sliink, a member of the DJ crew Brick Bandits, also recently linked up with the ubiquitous Major Lazer maestro, remixing New York rapper Zebra Katz’ savagely clever “Ima Read” for Diplo’s Mad Decent label’s Jeffree’s imprint.

Now, Flosstradamus and DJ Sliink have teamed up for the combustive electronic speaker-rattler “Test Me,” which puts dancehall-style vocal samples over shuddering kicks, whirring snares, and skittering hi-hat sounds. According to Flosstradamus’ SoundCloud, the track is set to appear on the forthcoming Nomads EP, courtesy of Fools Gold. “We were both fans of each other’s music, and got to meet up at SXSW,” J2K of Flosstradamus tells SPIN. “We exchanged info and started e-mailing about potentially collaborating. I ended up e-mailing him a rough demo of this track, and he sent it back with the vocals chopped up over it and voila, magic!”