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M.I.A. Scores WikiLeaks TV Show ‘The World Tomorrow’

M.I.A. / Photo by Liz Johnson Artur

M.I.A. has written the original music for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s new talk show. A spokesman for WikiLeaks told the British-Sri Lankan hip-hop provocateur got together with Assange in London, where he has been under house arrest for the past year and a half.

Titled The World Tomorrow, the weekly show is set to premiere on the news network Russia Today this Tuesday, when it will also go up online. Assange has finished filming 12 episodes, each of which will consist of an interview edited down to 26 minutes apiece. In an announcement, WikiLeaks says the interview subjects comprise “an eclectic range of guests, who are stamping their mark on the future: politicians, revolutionaries, intellectuals, artists and visionaries.” Expect a “frank and irreverent tone.”

There’s no mention of whether M.I.A. (real name: Maya Arulpragasam) will appear on the show in addition to providing music, though the possibility is tantalizing. After unleashing 2010’s Internet-obsessed Maya, M.I.A. went on to share an album-worthy mixtape titled Vicki Leekx. Of course, like Assange, she’s no stranger to being treated as persona non grata, particularly following her her Super Bowl middle-finger malfunction.

M.I.A. and WikiLeaks have been showing love for one another recently on Twitter. Earlier today, M.I.A. tweeted, “julian assange borrowed my computer last week , im still FREAKING OUT !!!!!” WikiLeaks previously tweeted, “MIA is the Julian Assange of pop music,” along with some supporting links. Live fast, die young, these bad girls and boys talk a great game about that kind of stuff, so their collaboration ought to be fascinating one way or another.