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WeekSauce: SPIN’s Friday Night Highlights

Did we mention we went to SXSW?

• SOUTH. BY. SOUTHWEST. Have you gotten sick of reading those words yet? Well, we’re going to make you do it one more time, because we went and it was awesome and we told you all about it. We showed you our 60 best live photos. We counted down the fest’s 10 best shows. We fed Andrew W.K. a bunch of truck food. We visited the spot where Chairlift were hiding out. We did a lot of other stuff, too — you can find it all here.

• We counted down the 30 bands everyone loves to hate. Nickelback made the cut.

• A little cultural phenomenon called The Hunger Games arrived. Our film critic said it lives up to the hype. And its star, Jennifer Lawrence clued us in to her listening habits.

• Jack White said he will not reunite the White Stripes (unless he’s totally broke). He will, however, support his solo album with more tour dates.

• SPIN brought you new music from Daniel Rossen, Bon Iver’s not-so-secret-weapon S. Carey, and High on Fire, plus new videos from Ceremony and Cornershop. Bonus: take six more songs as a free download from our March/April issue.

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