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Ja Rule Finds Out Jail Is Not So Flipping Awesome

Ja Rule

Jail is not always as flipping awesome as Ja Rule once made it seem. Turns out that not even a man’s birthday can merit an unauthorized phone interview from behind bars: Ja faced a buzzkill of a disciplinary hearing on Tuesday for a clandestine call he recently received from Renada Romain’s Ear Candy Mornings on Sirius XM’s Hip Hop Nation.

MTV reports that a New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision rep said poor Ja will be serving a week-long work detail for the phoner, but the most interesting part of his punishment is what his publicist has said about the incident. Apparently, officials at Mid-State Correctional Facility were so not happy about that interview Ja gave to the New York Daily News — so not happy that they forbade any further interviews for the MC, whose otherwise exemplary behavior has gotten him a GED, access to college courses, and friendships with some big-time embezzlers like Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski (who must feel pretty cool to keep getting his name continually mentioned with Ja Rule’s these days).

Ja Rule, for those of us who have forgotten (which includes… us), was sentenced to two years in jail for tax evasion and gun possession for an arrest back in 2007. He turned himself in last summer and was very disappointed with himself.