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WeekSauce: SPIN’s Friday Night Highlights


• New Year’s Eve happened! SPIN documented the celebratory fun in an action-packed photo gallery. We also checked out SoundScan’s 2011 report and learned Adele saved the music biz, rock made a tiny comeback, and people still really like Metallica.

• Van Halen happened! David Lee Roth and the brothers (and son) Van Halen played a tiny New York club to announce a February 7 album and jumbo size 2012 tour. We broke down a DLR vocal second by second to celebrate.

• Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard’s divorce happened! Sort of. The former filed divorce papers, giving us intimate knowledge of her monthly spending habits (she’s thrifty!). Gibbard spoke to a running magazine, giving us intimate knowledge of his jogging playlist.

• New album announcements happened! There will be Killers and Bloc Party albums this year, which is cool since we all thought both bands had kind of split up.

D’Angelo covered Soundgarden! And somebody made an amusing Tumblr of album covers with the deceased musicians removed. And an ambitious SPIN editor counted down the 10 best Thin Lizzy songs.