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Watch Fucked Up Play All of SPIN’s Album of the Year ‘David Comes to Life’


Breaking news: As it turns out, Kim Jong Il’s last words were, “If I had one regret in life, it was not being in New York to watch Fucked Up play David Comes to Life in its entirety at Le Poisson Rouge.” If, like Dear Leader, you couldn’t make it, you’re in luck: Pitchfork had a phalanx of hi-def cameras there to capture the event. Watch the first couple of tracks below (and the rest over here). After a growling introduction involving the band’s name and Toronto hometown, SPIN’s year-end cover stars launch into a rambunctious in-the-round performance of “Let Her Rest” and “Queen of Hearts” from our album of the year.

If that isn’t enough Fucked Up, also check out our video premiere for the band’s “Turn the Season,” or else just watch the group singing “Jingle Bells” on Anthony Bourdain. ‘Tis the fucking season.

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