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Americans Think Marilyn Manson Is Creepier Than Octomom


A new poll conveniently timed to land around Halloween asked Americans to rank celebrities’ Creepy Quotient, and as Reuters reports today, Marilyn Manson topped the list. That means Americans think Brian Warner is more unnerving than two people accused of murder (Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson), The Hills‘ svengali Spencer Pratt, Octomom Nadya Suleman, tiger blood champion Charlie Sheen, disgraced ex-New York governor Eliot Spitzer, director Woody Allen (huh? still?), director Tim Burton (OK, get that one), and adulterer Jesse James. At least Manson likely got an adolescent chuckle by the percentage of the vote he picked up (69), compared to 57 percent for runner-up Anthony.

Manson took a few years off from being creepy, but returned in full force this past September with a new video for “Born Villain” directed by the partially creepy Shia LaBoeuf in which Manson poked a hole in a woman’s cheek (NSTW, BTW).

A note on the study’s methodology: E-Poll asked 1,100 people to rank celebrities from one to 100 on 46 attributes, where low scores indicated the stars were disliked or seen as negative. Evidently douchebag was not on the list.