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Fred Durst Will Star in Actual Sitcom Titled ‘Douchebag’


“Fred Durst is the white Kanye West,” contended last month in a review of a recent Limp Bizkit concert. “He’s eccentric and controversial, yet knows how to put on a pretty damn good show.” That may be a stretch, but let’s have a toast for the Douchebag: Durst has inked a deal for his own half-hour CBS sitcom, and that’s the actual working title of the show. What, the suits wouldn’t go for Two and a Half Mooks? Remember, this is the network that used to employ Charlie Sheen.

As Deadline reports, the show follows a “rock legend” — cough — as he sets out to raise a family. “Douche Bag” is, in fact, the title of a track from Limp Bizkit’s reunion album, which our reviewer says “teems with frat-boy inanity.” Of course, rap-rock’s enfant terrible already demonstrated one path to work-life balance last year, when “Limp” scrapped their summer comeback tour.

Despite only limited non-band TV appearances, Durst has actually emerged as a film director in his own right. So we’re gonna leave you to contemplate the human species’ seemingly limitless capacity for total absurdity, which you may have thought peaked a few years back with the idea for Snakes on a Plane. To the network behind Two and a Half Men: Please make sure no cookies are harmed during the making of this show.